When A Plumbing Emergency Strikes

Posted by mutate13 on February 17, 2016

Plumbing is one of the most important components of your home or commercial property. It is in fact, your building’s circulatory system, delivering fresh water where you need it and carrying away waste. Most of the time it works silently behind the scenes but a faulty plumbing system can make your life miserable and cause severe damage to your home, business and possessions. Because of the consequences of failure, it is best to keep the plumbing in good order rather than react to a problem that could have been prevented.

Keeping Your Plumbing System Healthy

There are four main plumbing categories…
1. Inspection
2. Maintenance
3. Repair
4. Emergency

Looking after the first two will almost guarantee you never have to call someone for the last two. In general, repairs and especially an emergency plumbing situation is more costly than regular maintenance. That does not take into account the interruptions and inconvenience to your personal or business life that comes with a plumbing repair because of an emergency.

Decades of experience have shown that scheduled maintenance is the best way to ensure peace of mind and problem free plumbing. If your plumbing hasn’t been inspected in more than a year, call us to have it checked out. Here are some of the services a good plumbing company will cover.

Burst or Leaking Water Pipes

Burst or leaking water pipes often cannot be ignored and require immediate attention. After locating the leak or break in the pipe (if not already obvious), an emergency plumber would turn off water supply and repair the pipe, and then resume supply and test for leaks.

Tip: If possible, turn off the water at the main and wait until the next day and call a plumber during business hours to avoid paying emergency rates. This may not be possible if it occurs on the weekend and water is required though.

Inspections and Maintenance

* Drain inspection with video camera
* Drain cleaning
* Root removal from sewer drains
* Re-piping
* No-dig drain pipe replacement
* Drain tile repair
* Septic system service
* Water pressure testing

You should set up an annual inspection with one of the commercial plumbing companies vancouver for your business, your home and your family to keep them free from plumbing worries.

Good men in the field will be equipped with everything necessary to resolve almost any plumbing emergency on the first visit. In the event of flooding someone with a pumper truck will probably be needed. An established company will have a full restoration team capable of mitigating the most severe plumbing and drain damage.

You can count on a well established long-term professional for friendly, expert plumbing services of any kind.

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